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Autore: Cao Quan
Editore: The Commercial Press
Anno di pubblicazione: 2013
Lingua: inglese, cinese
Pagine: 205
Formato: brossura

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Dialogues è un viaggio affascinante fatto da tante fermate, rappresentate da tante affascinanti storie raccontate da personaggi diversi che, ognuno nel suo campo, stanno contribuendo a definire il tessuto culturale della Cina moderna. E’ un’occasione per scoprire come la gente cinese vede se stessa in una società in rapidissima evoluzione e per conoscere vite ed esperienze di persone straordinarie. Un’originale e lucida visione trasversale della società cinese attuale raccontata, sotto forma di intervista, dai pionieri che la stanno creando.

Elenco dei contenuti:


    • Sheng Keyi’s Lost Girls – Sheng Keyi, One of the Most Promising Writers
    • Sculpting Fashion – Sculptor Jia Weike
    • Food from the Heart – Chef Zhang Shaoping
    • In Pursuit of New Year Prints – Four master craftmen
    • “Eye Catching” Chinese Music – Twelve Girls Band
    • The Sping of South Beauty – Zhang Lan, Founder of the South Beauty Group
    • Mastermind of a Mansion’s revival – Zhang Jiasheng, Farmer Turned Entepreneur
    • The Business of Being Monkey – Liuxiaolingtong, Legendary Performer of Sun Wukong


    • Dispelling the TCM Myths – Acupuncture Master Cheng Xinnong
    • Bridging the Gap Between East and West – Chinese Bridge Competition Director Wang Feng
    • Learning Chinese is more that Learning a language – Professor J. Bellassen, French Sinologist
    • Live and Learn – Ambassador Declan Kelleher of the Republic of Ireland
    • We Need Hypercritical Readers – Publisher Yang Deyan
    • The Cultures of Mankind Are Diverse – Professor Xu Jialu
    • Translating China – Dr. Sidney Shapiro


    • Trust Yourself – One of China’s “Ten Most Inspiring People”
    • Diary of a Street Sleeper – Street Sleeper Tang Laoba
    • The King of Kits – Kite-maker Han Fushan
    • Secret Wonderland – Chinese Teacher Xiao Li
    • Adventures of a “Trendy Old lady” – Pole to Pole with a TOL
    • The Dan of Today – Liu Zheng, a Male Dan Performer of Peking Opera
    • We Do’t have to Till Land Any More – Farmer Zhang Heshan


    • What will the Future Be Like? – Chinese Thoughts on the Future
    • Tibet in the Artistic Imagination – Artist Chen Danqing
    • All Hail the Queen of Weibo – Yao Chen, China’s most popular microblogger
    • Make the Youg Lover’s Edition of the Peony Pavilion a Haousehold Name – Cai Shaohua, director of Suzhou Kungqu Opera Troupe
    • Grateful for Everything in Life – Yue-Sai Kan, founder of the “YSK” Brand
    • Every City Needs Its Own Special Characteristics – Mayor Aimo Ahti
    • Dissemination Is a Repayment to the Public – Abbot Shi Yongxin of Shaolin Temple


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