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Profound Scholars’ Lectures on Poems in the Tang Dynasty


Autore: Comitato Editoriale di Storia e Letteratura Cinese
Editore: China Intercontinental Press
Anno di pubblicazione: 2014
Lingua: inglese
Pagine: 241
Formato: brossura

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Il libro propone, in una veste editoriale elegante illustrata da immagini di pregio, 26 saggi su opere di alcuni tra i più famosi poeti che si sono espressi nel periodo delle dinastia Tang, il periodo della più splendida fioritura della poesia classica cinese. Molti saggi riportano la traduzione in inglese delle poesie analizzate. Il libro si apre con una introduzione al percorso evolutivo del genere letterario della poesia a partire dal Classico delle Odi per arrivare alla poesia Tang, a cui sono dedicati tutti gli altri saggi.

Il libro raccoglie i contributi di autori diversi, tutti eminenti studiosi appartenenti al Comitato Editoriale di Letteratura e Storia Cinese e offre quindi diverse prospettive di interpretazione delle poesia Tang.

Elenco dei contenuti:


  • Origin of Poetry in the Tang Dynasty.
  • A Complete Avoidance of Clichémand Remaining Fresh Forever – Appreciating and Analyzing “Climbing the Stork Tower” Authored by Wang Zhihuan.
  • Indignant Outcry – Brief Analysis on the Poem “on The Tower at Youzhou” Composed by Chen Ziang.
  • A Vivid Touch: Landscape Bathed in Moonlight Permeating throughout the Air – Reading and Appreciating “White Stone Beach” Authored by Wang Wei.
  • Sweet Laurel in the Poem Entitled “The Dale of Singing Birds”.
  • New Explanation Han No Way to Justify Itself – More Comments on “Laurel Blooms” in “The Dale of Singing Birds”.
  • Wang Wei and His Four Quatrains Which Are Listed into Catalogue of Poems Required for Elementary Education.
  • Apperciating and Analyzing the Piece “Drinking Alone under the Moon”.
  • The Sense of Freshness Cnveyed by Classical Poetry – Appreciating “Hard Is the Way to Shu” Authored by Li Bai and “Paying a Visit to Qixia Temple and Watching Mountains in Guilin” Written by Yuan Mei.
  • A Fusion of Philosophy with Poetic Sentiment – A Brief Introduction to Li Bai’s Poem Entitled “Ode to Sunrise and Sunset”.
  • Appreciation and Analyses of the Piece “Visiting an Old Friend’s Cottage” Authored by Meng Haoran.
  • Bai Juyi Learns from Du Fu.
  • “Genuine Feelings” and “Dignified Style” in Du Fu’s Verses.
  • Appreciation of Du Fu’s Poem “Sleeping at the Official Residence”.
  • Appreciation of Du Fu’s Poem “Ode to Painting”.
  • Fire Tries to Burn Them up in Vain; They Rise Again When Spring Winds Blow – Appreiating and Analyzing “Grass on the Ancient Plain”.
  • The Marvelous Landscape and an Immortal Verse – Appreciating and Analyzing the Piece “On Lake Qiantang in Spring” Written by Bai Juyi.
  • A Brief Introduction to the Piece “Elegies on the Palace for Thinking of Son” Authored by Bi Juyi.
  • A Picture of Mountainous Village Tinged with Unsophisticated Sentiments – Reading the Piece “Paying a Visit to Mountainous Farmyard” Written by Gu Kuang.
  • Making the Whole Poem Full of Picturesque Sentiment – Reading “On the West Stream at Chuzhou” Written by Wei Yingwu.
  • A Sense of Beauty and A Sense of Reality – My Humble Opinion of the Verse “Mooring by Maple Bridge at Night”.
  • A Nostalgic Song Disseminating Loneliness – Reading the Piece “Putting Up at a Courier Station On New Year’s Eve” Authored by Dai Shulun.
  • Conversion of Visual Angle – Reading the Piece “Written an a Rainy Night to My Wife in the North” Authored by Li Shangyin.
  • In Human World Sunny Evening’s Hald Dear – Reading the Piece “A Sunny Evening after Rain” Written by Li Shangyin.
  • A Minimal Error or Deviation May Result in Wide Divergence – Reading the Piece “An Autumn Night” Written by Du Mu Once Again.
  • A Metaphoric Piece Combining a Serious Theme with a Strong Sense of Humor at the Same Time – Reading the Poem “The Red Cliff” Written by Du Mu.

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